Best Co., Ltd. is committed to quality and the achievement of excellence throughout all company activities. With the objective of providing our customers the best possible products and service, Best Co., Ltd. seeks to constantly improve manufacturing processes, testing and measurement techniques, and the overall performance of our quality management system.

Technical Standard
  • R & D engineers have onve ten years's experience in the R & D of snap domes.
  • Techinicians have over five years's experience in the production of snap domes
  • Operators must go through professional training and stringent examination.
  • The techniques and technologiesinvolved in snap dome production run neck and neck with their Japanese and Korean equivalence, and the domes have become designated materials of a host of well-know enterprises.
  • The ISO 9001:2000 quality control system has been implemented in the management.
  • Products with various specifications, sizes, snap forces, click ratios and distances of travel could be provided as per the clients' requirements.
Guarantee for Delivery from Warehouses
  • No abnormality presenting with 1 million tests.
  • The change of snap force and click ratio is no more than 30% between before and after the service life tests.
  • The products belong to the type of one-time material laying off to ensure proper circles along the circumference and without hollow cutting or salient point from the laying off.
  • The burs on the domes are extremely tiny, all facing upward, and they are smooth so as not to scratch the contactmembers on the bottom.
  • No blot or impurity on the surface of the products.
  • Timely, speedy and professional service tracking system.