Dome Arrayse - Custom

Beside the regular dome arrays (dome switches), we also provide the custom arrays (sheets). Arrays come loaded with the dome(s) of your choice, cut to the size and shape you specify. Different sizes, shapes, and forces of metal domes can be placed on the same array.

Placement of the array is quick and easy. Simply peel off the backing (Release Liner), align the array and apply it to your circuit board or membrane. Since all of the domes are placed simultaneously, production time is greatly reduced. Your quality also benefits from the use of our custom dome arrays which eliminates "double domes" and dome placement errors.

In order to start the process of designing a custom dome array, here's what we need from you:

  A drawing / print of what the part will look like. Please include overall size, dome part number(s), locations of domes and cut-outs.
  Estimated annual usage of the dome arrays.

We can accept the file in AutoCAD (all versions), Acrobat (.PDF) but we can also provide budgetary pricing from a hand-sketch of the part. Please contact us now!